AB ED Decolonizing Teacher Practice

As educators within the current day education system, we need to disrupt and interrupt the dominant narrative of the western colonial system. In order for us to disrupt we need to unlearn and relearn. Within this interactive workshop we will be unpacking how the western colonial education system has shaped and formed our understanding of education and give you tools that will support your teaching practice in decolonizing education.

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1:30 PM - 3:00 PM

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  • Simon Fraser University
    Carolyn Roberts

    Carolyn Roberts uses her voice to support Indigenous resurgence through education. Her mother is Janet Baker (Thevarge) from the N’Quat’qua Nation and her father is Ed Kelly from the Tzeachten Nation. Carolyn is an Indigenous academic working in the Faculty of Education at Simon Fraser University as a Faculty lecturer and Indigenous Pedagogies Teaching Fellow. She has been an educator and administrator for over 20 years in the K-12 system. Carolyn’s work is grounded in educating about Indigenous people and the decolonization of the education system. She works with pre-service teachers to help build their understandings in Indigenous history, education, and ancestral ways of knowing, to create a brighter future for all Indigenous people and the seven generations yet to come.