Workshop Proposal

Personal Information - Instructor 1

We will use this information to contact you and for the contract, if needed.
Only your name, bio, photo and the workshop description will be visible on the registration website.
If you are presenting with a colleague, there is room for a second instructor at the end of the form.

Please include Postal Code

Biography - your qualifications and experiences.
This will be visible to participants, so please check the format, spelling, etc. This can be edited later.

Photo - You can upload a photo in JPG format.

Surrey School Employee, please put your School Courier # // Other SD Employee, please put your SD Name // Others, please put your City

Workshop Information

Choose the most applicable subject area.

Please provide a thorough description of the workshop content. Please keep the description around 100 words. This description will be viewed by registrants.
  • What are the most important things (learning outcomes) participants will learn as a result of attending this workshop?
  • Workshops will be presented in-person or virtually. What is the format of the workshop?
  • Will material (printable hand-outs) be provided to attendees? These can be added to the presenter's page once your proposal has been accepted. 
  • Please spell check and edit carefully as this description will be posted on our convention website.

Photo for the Workshop - You can upload a photo in JPG or GIF format. The photo will be automatically resized.

We are offering both virtual and in-person sessions this year. Please select the location best suited to your workshop.


This info is used for scheduling excursions.

We have limited workshops to 90 minutes per session.
We are able to offer timeslots of 3 hours by request.
A 3 hour workshop will follow the schedule of the day with lunch as a break in between morning and afternoon sessions.

Repeat the Session - If you are offering a 90 minute session would you be willing to repeat the workshop with a morning and afternoon session?


select n/a for 3 hr session

Number of Participants - We cap in-person workshops at 30 participants. We cap virtual workshops at 100 participants. If you prefer an alternate number, please indicate below. 

Generally participants attend workshops they choose free of charge.
In some cases, there are extra fees for things like materials, etc. Please provide information about any additional fees that you wish to, or need to, charge for kits or to cover costs for provided materials or experiences. The attendees appreciate some explanation of what they get for their fees.
The Instructor Fee line is below the Participants Fee.

Instructor Fees

The STA Convention is supported by members' dues, so every effort is made to keep costs down.
  • STA Members: We provide release time to help with preparing or planning workshops (a half-day provided for one 90 minute workshop or a full day for one 3 hour workshop OR two different 90-minute workshops). 
  • BCTF Members from Other Locals: We provide release time in order to be able to present on convention day.
  • Non-BCTF Members: Please see the fee schedule below. We have updated our fee structure.
Fees are paid per workshop, not per presenter.
  • Other: If you charge a fee outside of the schedule below please indicate the fee and provide details in the "More details" field. We will contact you directly to confirm the fee, and/or to discuss it with you. If this is a vendor-sponsored workshop please indicate in the field below which vendor is sponsoring the workshop.
  • Invoices with GST numbers are required. 


please explain what your fee is or who sponsors the workshop

Personal Information - Instructor 2

If you have a second instructor, please enter the information. This can be edited later. The following is the required information for the second instructor:
  • First Name,
  • Last Name,
  • e-mail Address,
  • Phone - Primary,
  • Biography,
  • Employee of School District,
  • School Name or Company Name
Leave the fields empty if there is only one presenter.
If you have a third instructor please email us directly at, and we can add the information later.

Surrey School Employee, please put your School Courier # // Other SD Employee, please put your SD Name // Others, please put your City


If you are the only presenter for your virtual workshop, we strongly recommend that you have a co-host for your session. Co-host or co-presenter can monitor the chat and manage participants. If you have a co-host whose info is different from presenters, please provide it below.